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An iOS application that allows users to swap parking spots.

Currently approved for Apple App Store and in TestFlight beta
Neuralmarket e79c7d34b84577a12ec41429b9d4a36b06ddf43e9621ec275ff93bb726b786c2


An application that uses neural networks to accurately predict closing stock prices.

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Chrono | Emergency

An Apple Watch app that gives those with mobility disabilities peace of mind in case of an emergency.

Winner of HackPrinceton Spring 2016 Best Use of AWS.
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An augmented reality application that uses image recognition to provide the user with contextual information about their world

Stocksim c294499d7182202d077d2ffc6ae8d3c07ce5af1af2a1e9afffd8051b7da93204


An iPhone application that allows the user to trade stocks with virtual currency

Scala 77b5af3240d7ee6cd925398b39a666f09e38eb6312965a466e5e17c082765a8f

Implementations of Algorithms

In this paper, I explore different programming languages and how they implement different algorithms.