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My name is Jasper Davey. I'm a Computer Science graduate from the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, NJ class of 2017.

I worked for Apple's Core OS organization in the Storage Software team as a Software Engineering Intern for two consecutive summers (2015 and 2016) where I worked primarily on File Systems. I ranked in the top percentile for intern projects (2nd place) in 2015.

I worked as Chief Technology Officer at Pullup Technologies, Inc. where I architected and developed four core platforms composed of an iOS and Android application, server, and website. I led a team of six software engineers using modern and proven engineering strategies to a successful deployment of three platforms, including an Apple App Store approved application in six months with a budget of $2,000.

I have resigned my position at Pullup Technologies, Inc. to pursue a career as a Software Engineer at Apple in the Storage Software QA team.